According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of real estate agents fail out of real estate within the first 5 years.

The reason is simple: Agents fail to earn enough income to stay in business. At the Melissa Perrille Real Estate Group our agents create thriving real estate careers with an average annual income of $80,000 and our top agents earn over $150,000 per year. 


3 Things Separate Melissa Perrille Real Estate Group Agents

Melissa Perrille is Your Personal Success Coach


Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Covered


Team of Staff to Support you, Family Culture


Melissa Perrille is Your Personal Success Coach

Melissa Perrille Coaches You1-on-1 Each Month


Melissa teaches you how she rose to be in the Top 2% of all Rhode Island Agents with over 30 Million Sold. She works with you individually to help you become a top agent & advises how to leverage assistants to grow your business.

Melissa Perrille is Your Accountability Coach

Every elite performer has a coach holding them accountable and Melissa Perrille helps you do what it takes to achieve your best results.

On-Going Weekly SalesTraining


Melissa Perrille trains the team each week on Monday at 12 pm on topics to keep you sharp with buyers and sellers.

Majority of Your Expenses, Leads & Staff Paid for You

What is Paid for You?

  • Your staff, leads, signs, sign riders, lockboxes, copies, business cards, postage, thank you notes, flyers, presentations,
    folders, CMA binding, database software, paperless closing software, open house signs, sales contest winners trips, etc.

Your Leads are Emailed Daily

  • We generate HUNDREDS of leads per month & they are emailed to our agents daily. 

What Fees Do You Pay?

  • License ($85/yr/approx ), Office fees including MLS and Insurance ($100.00/month), $0 listing marketing… that’s

How Much Should You Expect to Earn?

  • First year agents can earn $50,000+, and in their second year earn $80,000-$120,000+, and $125,000+ in year 3
    as your pipeline of current and past clients is robust you are picking and choosing who you want to work with.



Over the past 19 years, Melissa has coached and mentored agents into top producers in record time. Our first-year agents typically win the Rookie of the Year Award at the Realtor's Award Banquet. Our 2nd-year agents typically earn over $80,000 in personal income and are recognized as the top 10% of all agents in Rhode Island.


It's simple: Massive Opportunity.Our team generates over 1,100 real estate leads every month who are considering buying or selling a home in North Providence, RI. We are looking for hard-working people who have sales skills and high integrity to call these opportunities and convert them into closings.